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The Avista Center for Entrepreneurship at SCC
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Center for Entrepreneurship

The Avista Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) at SCC offers a new and innovative approach to help people marry their technical talents with entrepreneurial skills.

For the 2013-2014 school year, IBE will be offered as a two-quarter program. Students will take 15 credits winter quarter and 15 credits spring quarter. The online application link will be available starting fall quarter.

Congratulations to Jon Nolan for being selected as the Integrated Business and Entrepreneurship Student of the Year for the 2012-2013 academic year. Students were voted on by their classmates and the winner was confirmed by the IBE faculty.

This program is for students who aspire to business success - students who have a great idea for a business, but need to learn about the practical aspects of starting and running a company. This three-quarter program helps students fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams through:

  • Fueling opportunities: This is a program for people wired for action - people with a dream and a skill set who are ready to learn the entreprenurial skills to create their own opportunities. The program fills an important gap between four-year institutions and business assistance programs. The nine-month CFE program is affordable and open to all people who are serious about pursuing their goals.
  • A wrap-around business curriculum: The CFE program combines academics with real-world insight from business and community leaders. Students learn business and entrepreneurial skills in a hands-on environment. From business planning to human resources, and marketing to inventory management, graduates will develop the skills needed to start a successful business or enhance an existing one.
  • Building connections for success: Successful entrepreneurs know how to make connections. This program is an opportunity to build real-world relationships with the business community. Students will build their own networks of business leaders, peers and community resources. The program is open to everyone: chefs, landscapers, IT professionals, photographers. This diversity is one of the program's strengths. Students learn from each other and make connections that will benefit them for years to come.

This program is Self Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) approved.

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Read more about the program's impact on one of its many graduates in this Spokesman Review article of November 29, 2009: "Program Helps Define New Skills for Success."

The CFE has also been featured on ClearChannel Radio's "Spokane Forum" program as well as in an August 14, 2008 Journal of Business article.

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